About the Challenge

We want you to sink baskets in June and show your support for a good cause - helping young people to stay in school and get a better start in life!

Get a team together and find a local hoop or do it by yourself - it’s your choice – and sink baskets during the month of June.

You can do it with your family, your colleagues at work or even run a session at your local school. How many baskets can you sink in the month of June? 

Maybe it’s once every day, maybe it’s just once a week, or maybe it’s one big day in June with your family and friends?

Each year approximately 1 in 5 Australian students are disengaged from education. Currently there are more than 4,400 students in Queensland who need assistance to finish their senior schooling - and we need your help to support them!

Many of these students have been challenged with difficult home lives, have experienced bullying, live with mental health challenges, are dealing with trauma or they just don't thrive in traditional schooling for a variety of reasons.

So we're asking you to shoot hoops as many times as you can during June. Set yourself a goal for how many baskets you think you can sink in an hour and during the month of June see if you can reach or better that target!

Get your friends, family and networks involved to fundraise against your target. Bank your baskets as you sink them and raise funds along the way... it's that simple!

Register today and get involved. We know you can do it!

Corporate Event

Carrara Stadium, 21st June

If you represent a business, you might also like to be involved in our Corporate Event - this in-person morning event is designed specifically for those who might have a little competitive streak and would like to get their staff involved.

Mark the morning of 21st June in your diary and register and reserve your hoop today!

Get involved this June

Sink baskets in June

Get yourself or a team together at your local hoop and see how many baskets you can sink. Perhaps it's competitive, perhaps it's training, or maybe it's just a fab way to spend your arvo or weekend! The idea is to sink baskets as many times as you can during the month of June. Set an individual or team target for both baskets and funds and then bank your achievements along the way.

Attend the Corporate Event

Designed specifically with corporate teams in mind, get your CEO, Managers and colleagues involved to hit the court on Wednesday 21st June 2023. We're booking out the Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium, for registered teams to take on the challenge of sinking the most baskets in 1 hour, 13 minutes and 9 seconds. It's likely to get competitive so bring your A-game! Register your company's hoop today.

Fundraise - and you could win!

However you're participating, we want to see you raising funds. Ask your neighbours, ask your colleagues, family and friends! If they aren't physically part of your team, perhaps they'd like to make a contribution to support your efforts. Plus, there are some awesome prizes up for grabs for the highest fundraiser, the highest fundraising team and even a lucky draw registration prize!


To support our Corporate Event on the morning of 21st June at Carrara Stadium, we are looking for volunteers who can keep track of how many baskets are being sunk!

The session will run for a little over an hour but we'll also need some help setting up and packing down either side of the event. So, call time will be around 3 hours from 8:30am start to 11:30am finish on Wednesday 21st June. To get involved, email Megan on megan.connors@thebusygroup.com.au or phone 0477 014 545 for further information.

About The BUSY Schools

Founded in 2020 as an independent Queensland Special Assistance School, The BUSY Schools support students aged 16-19 years who have disengaged or are at risk of disengaging from their schooling.

The BUSY Schools provide an alternative learning environment to teenagers who have experienced complex challenges, trauma or education disruption,  nurturing these students through our unique program which assists them in attaining their QCE, whilst accessing vocational education and training, work experience and career pathway guidance. We've already supported hundreds of young people to get a better start in life!

For enrolment or further information on The BUSY Schools and the great work we are doing, visit our website:

Our Campuses

There are currently 7 BUSY School campuses across Queensland and they offer an alternative, supportive learning environment for students in Years 11 and 12 to successfully complete their education while exploring career pathways or moving into further study.

The BUSY Schools provide smaller classrooms in a supportive environment with no fees and all costs covered for our students including uniforms, books and laptops.  

Brisbane City
Shailer Park

You guys are providing a unique service to students who otherwise would be left with a pretty dim future. Thanks for changing my young person's path and providing him with the skills and learning to pursue some very different options to what he otherwise would have had. Thankyou and keep up the great work

- Parent of a BUSY Schools Student


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I want to help, what can I do?

Donate or participate! Follow the links at the top right of this page, to get involved today. Obviously, we'd love to receive financial support through donations but your engagement through participation and championing our cause is equally important to us. The more people who are aware of The BUSY Schools and the vital support we are providing to our students, the better outcomes we can produce. Thank you for showing your support and spreading the word about this event.

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I want to register but don't yet have a team?

That is completely ok. You do not need to know who is in your team just yet. You can jump in and sign up as a Team Captain and figure out your team invites down the track OR have a glance through the existing teams to choose one which resonates with you. Take the first step to register today and the rest can come together along the way.

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What's the latest date I can register?

We recommend you get in as early as you can to take full advantage of the collective fundraising power that comes from being part of a campaign. However, registrations will definitely stay open righ to the end of June.

For the Corporate Morning, the last date for registration will be Friday 16 June or when the hoops are exhausted (whichever comes first).