Corporate Event

Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre

Wednesday 21st June 2023

9.00am - 12pm

We invite you to take part in the inaugural Corporate Event for The Basketball Challenge - but this is not your standard game of basketball. 

Shoot hoops with your teammates and see how many baskets you can sink in 1 hour, 13 minutes and 19 seconds.

The clock will start at 10am and all teams will have exactly 1 hour, 13 minutes and 19 seconds to shoot and sink as many baskets as they can.

This time period is 4,400 seconds which reflects the 4,400 students in Queensland who require assistance to re-engage with their education.  

Designed to bring your crew together for some team bonding out of the office (and perhaps put your CEO and management to the test), we invite you to see how many baskets you can sink together and compete against other teams for the title of Champion Sinkers! 

For registration, we ask for a donation of $1,500. As a thank you, we will reserve a hoop and your own half-court - all to yourself - to sink as many hoops as you can within the time limit! You will determine your own basket-sinking strategy, player set-up, and team member rest breaks. 

You can have as many or as little people in your team as you like – it’s up to you! 

A volunteer will track your baskets as you sink them and display them up on the score board for all participants to see. 

At the end, if your team has the highest number of baskets, you’ll win the bragging rights! 

It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at basketball. This is about having some fun, being part of the action and raising funds for The BUSY Schools. 

On the Day

  • A total of 12 hoops are available at Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre, across 6 courts.  
  • Each hoop has an electronic scoreboard to track the successful baskets, to be operated by a designated volunteer. 
  • Only one basketball per team allowed. 
  • Teams can choose their own rest breaks and rotations of team players. 
  • Maximum 20 players on each half-court at one time. 
  • Clock to start and stop at exactly 1 hour, 13 minutes and 19 secs. 
  • Teams are encouraged to wear team uniforms. 
  • Teams may bring 1 x free-standing pull-up banner to promote their business (will be erected near the score bench or as directed.  
  • Should 14 teams register and the number of hoops be exhausted, a wait-list of additional teams will be kept. 
  • Once 8 teams are on the wait-list, an additional consecutive hour session may be offered for these registrations. If this proceeds, lunch will be offered for guests in the entertaining room overlooking the courts and a second hour of shooting will take place. 
  • In the event of a tied number of baskets, there will be a shoot-out (knock-out round for 5 mins) to determine the winner. 

See who's in the lead!