Hit the court and show your support

Find a local hoop between 1-30 June 2023.
Sink as many baskets as you can.
Raise money to help teens stay in school.

$40,145 raised

$50,000 Goal

$40,145 raised

$50,000 Goal

  • Ben Cuso - Dad just donated $71.42
  • Ruth just donated $31.65
  • von Bibra Auto Group just donated $4250.00
  • Jason just donated $1500.00
  • Jay Zafiropoulos just donated $21.10
  • Annett Reeves just donated $50.00
  • Kirsty Rose just donated $10.55
  • Contempo Air & Electrical just donated $263.75
  • Emma and Johnny Simpson just donated $31.65
  • Peyton & Pippa just donated $23.21
  • Mark Reeves & Stephanie Ryan just donated $50.00
  • Gary Mclean just donated $520.00
  • Kelly Alefosio just donated $21.10
  • Judd Sandstrom just donated $52.75
  • Richard Finerty just donated $21.10
  • Dave just donated $21.10
  • Jack just donated $51.75
  • Thorne Wegert just donated $105.00
  • Hundt Law just donated $522.50
  • ACCOR Hotels just donated $1000.00

Let's help young people get the best start!

Did you know 1 in 5 Australian students are disengaged from their education? The BUSY Schools are on a mission to change this!

With your help we can support more teens to stay in school and complete years 11 and 12.

How many baskets can you sink in June?

Get a team together and see how many baskets you can sink in a month!

You can do it at your own pace, as often or as little as you like.

It could be a mini-hoop in your office, or a hoop in your drive-way - anywhere will do!

Invite people to support your goal and cheer you on! 

Ask for donations :)

Set yourself a target and start fundraising.

Whether it's $5 or $500, every dollar counts!

Ask everyone you know (plus their friends!) and get them to visit your page to make payment online. Perhaps they could give you an amount per hoop, or just a general contribution towards your total.

All donations will go directly towards supporting teens who need our help to stay in school.

Bank and win!

Along the way, log in to your customised page and bank how many baskets you've sunk each day. 

There are prizes up for grabs including highest fundraiser ($500 JB Hi Fi voucher) and highest fundraising team ($500 Rebel Sports voucher). Just by registering you are in the draw to win a 2-night ACCOR Hotels voucher with $500 spending money! Terms and conditions apply.

Get involved this June

Sink baskets in June

Get yourself or a team together at your local hoop and see how many baskets you can sink in the month. Perhaps it's competitive, perhaps it's training, or maybe it's just a fab way to spend your arvo or weekend! The idea is to sink baskets as many times as you can during the month of June. Set an individual or team target for both baskets and funds and then bank your achievements along the way.

Attend the Corporate Event

Designed specifically with corporate teams in mind, get your CEO, Managers and colleagues involved to hit the court from 9.30am on Wednesday 21st June 2023. We're booking out the Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium, for registered teams to take on the challenge of sinking the most baskets in an hour. It's likely to get competitive so bring your A-game! Register your company's hoop today.

Fundraise - and you could win!

However you're participating, we want to see you raising funds. Ask your neighbours, ask your colleagues, family and friends!  Plus, there are some awesome prizes up for grabs for the highest fundraiser ($500 JB Hi Fi voucher), the highest fundraising team ($500 Rebel Sports voucher) and even a lucky draw registration prize (a 2-night Accor Hotel voucher with $500 spending money)!  Terms and Conditions apply.

Your Impact

$2 gives a student food for the day

$5 provides notebooks and pens for a student

$20 gives a warm hoodie for winter

$50 can contribute to a couple of sessions for a student to meet with a youth worker

$100 pays for learning resources for a student

About Our Charity

Founded in 2020 as an independent Queensland Special Assistance School, The BUSY Schools support students aged 16-19 years who have disengaged or are at risk of disengaging from their schooling.

There are currently 7 BUSY School campuses across Queensland and they offer an alternative, supportive learning environment for students in Years 11 and 12 to successfully complete their education while exploring career pathways or moving into further study.

The BUSY Schools provide smaller classrooms in a supportive environment with no fees and all costs covered for our students including uniforms, books and laptops. 

Teenagers who have experienced complex challenges, bullying, trauma or education disruption are nurtured through our unique educational approach which combines academic studies, vocational training and personal development.

We've already supported hundreds of young people to complete their QCE and move onto career pathways or further study.


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How many people do I need in my team? 

As little or as many as you like! We consider a team to be any number of people with a Team Captain. As a good average, we would suggest 3 or more people might generate more funds for our cause, whilst if you're willing to go it alone, that's ok too. 

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I'm under 18, can I still participate?

Absolutely. Simply register as a youth participant and enter your parent or carer's details. We will then confirm your participation is ok with them and use their details for our communications to you.

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How much do I need to fundraise? 

This is completely up to you. However, there are prizes up for grabs if you fundraise over a certain amount for your registration type.

For adults, everyone who raises over $250 will go in the draw to win the lucky registration prize. For youth participants, everyone who raises over $100 will go into this same draw.

There are also prizes for the highest individual fundraiser and the highest fundraising team.






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