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I'm fundraising for The BUSY Schools

I am vertically challenged and not particularly skilled at basketball. But I am passionate about supporting disengaged students to complete their education and get a head start into employment.  

The BUSY Schools is an independent Queensland Special Assistance School supporting the social, educational and employment outcomes of young people with a focus on those students who are at risk and disengaged from the traditional education model.

The BUSY Schools represent an alternative to mainstream schooling and often a last chance for students to reengage in secondary education. Many of these young people have experienced bullying or have mental health challenges, problems at home or a variety of reasons that have made attending traditional school difficult. 

The school offers a unique program combining academic studies, vocational training and personal development to provide a supportive, inclusive learning environment that combines learning, training, practical experience and recreational activities with a focus on academic and employment outcomes.

So, I'm hitting the court to show my support for these students. My aim is to supplement my lack of skill with a high quality team who will help me shoot hoops and sink baskets during the month of June. I've set a target for how many baskets I will sink and how much I will fundraise for The BUSY Schools who are doing an amazing job supporting young people to re-engage with their education.

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Amelie Aitken


Rachel Skyring




Helen Mcclure

All hail the vertically challenged 😁😁


Stephanie Sandmeyer

I love what you’re doing! Thank you


Deb Blow

You continue to be a legend and inspiration to me my friend.




The Haines Family

Wooo go Lee! You’ve got this 💪🏻


Catherine Munro-browne

Good luck Lee!


Jacque Courtney-pitman

Entertaining way to drive support


Megan Connors

Thanks Lee!