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We're fundraising for The BUSY Schools

Did you know, 1 in 5 Australian students are disengaged with their education? That means, they have disengaged from their schooling and are at risk of not completing Year 12. That's 20% of all school students...

Many of these young people have experienced bullying or have mental health challenges, problems at home or a variety of reasons that have made attending traditional school difficult. 

So, we're hitting the court to show our support for these students. Our team's aim is to shoot hoops and sink baskets as many times as we can during the month of June. Can you help, or do you want to join us?


Thank you to our Sponsors




Amelie Aitken


Rachel Skyring




Helen Mcclure

All hail the vertically challenged 😁😁


Mel Howells


Stephanie Sandmeyer

I love what you’re doing! Thank you


Deb Blow

You continue to be a legend and inspiration to me my friend.




The Haines Family

Wooo go Lee! You’ve got this 💪🏻


Catherine Munro-browne

Good luck Lee!


Jacque Courtney-pitman

Entertaining way to drive support


Megan Connors

Thanks Lee!